20 January 2010

The Guards Club

Since my last update on my long term uni brief, my project has changed slightly. Due to attending a few Royal Marines Association (RMA) meetings and meeting a few of the veterans I realised that I wouldn't be able to meet enough veterans to complete my project. Through attending this meeting I met the owner of The Guards Club in Blackpool who told me about a D-Day Veterans meeting that he runs every month. Therefore I altered my project to base it on the club where the D-Day Veterans meet. My project looks at who comes to the club and why. Some of these people are D-Day veterans and some of them are part of the club for other reasons. I feel this basis was strong enough to complete the following project:

Big BIG thankyou to my assistants throughout this project: Jack Boniface. Red Roberts. Ruth Richmond.

A re-edited version of this project can be seen here: http://debbieyates.co.uk/The+D-Day+Vets

Galleries Update

1) My image of Eilert was also used as part of the Art Fair exhibition at the Grundy in Blackpool. The exhibition asked for local artists to submit work that would be displayed from November to January 09/10.

2) As part of a short exhibition my college was given the oppertunity to submit work to be shown again in the Grundy titled 'Work In Progress'. The work will be shown from the end of January to the start of Febuary 2010. Two of my images were selected for this: