05 October 2010


So I now own Roly the Rolleicord :)
I picked him up at a very cute photography shop in Arundel, West Sussex.
Havn't had chance to use him yet but plan to take him on his first adventure this week! Keep a look out...

03 October 2010

Brighton Photo Fringe

So last night I went to the opening of the Brighton Photo Fringe held in Hove. It was a great turn out, really good crowd and excellent music ;)
Some really interesting work was displayed via a projector but you really needed to pick up a catalogue to get a closer look at who is involved.

Heres just a few photographers I wanted to see more of:
Stephen King: http://www.stephenkingphotography.co.uk/portfolio/?c=35
Stuart Griffiths: http://www.stuartgriffiths.net/index.php
Portia Webb: http://www.portiawebb.com/page9.htm
Claire Richardson: http://www.clairerichardson.com/index.htm

For more stuff about the Photo Fringe look here.. http://www.photofringe.org/?cat=3