11 November 2009

Brief Three

I've chosen to create a body of work (around 15 to 20) images of WWII veterans as part of the third brief we have been set at uni.
Here is my favourite of the few images I took at the Remembrance Sunday ceremony on 8th November 09:

05 November 2009

Uni Exhibition

We were asked to submit two images that could be used for a small university exhibition in the new gallery. I chose the un-cropped portrait of my norweigen friend Eilert and the image of the blue door at the bottom of my blog. I found out that my image of Eilert was chosen so I'm pretty happy :) This is the image that I submitted:

15 October 2009

Third Year - Brief Two

Our second short brief was set by photographer Mishka Henner, who is a visiting lecturer at Blackpool College. The aim of the brief was to anaylse a book of our choice, and produce two images that would fit into it perfectly.

I chose the book 'Loretta Lux - Imaginary Portraits' as she is one of my favourite photographers.

These are the two images I have produced for this brief on the accurate book spread:

To be quite honest, they don't fit in the book at all! But I do like them as portraits without the hidious fake square cropping haha!

06 October 2009

Location Hunting

Ok, so we were all a bit bored and went out hunting for locations. Found lots of abandoned houses that had been vandalised. It had quite an eary feel so we didn't stay long :/
Practising on the 120 film camera too, but I haven't edited these as they're just quick shots :)

27 September 2009

Third Year - Brief One

You will be given one of the following colours - red, blue, green, yellow/orange, grey or white, to use as a theme for producing a selction of photographs. This is not a studio project, you should be using your observational skills to inspire you. Your images must be shot digitally and you must not rely on post-production techniques.

Deadline Monday 21st September 2009 - 10am - digital submission of ONE image.

The colour I was given was BLUE. I wanted to create more of an artistic and clean shot rather than a simple crop of something blue. This is the image I produced: